Representatives of five sickle cell chapters from Danville, Fredericksburg, Hampton, Norfolk and Richmond met in the spring of 1977 to discuss plans for a joint statewide conference.
During this meeting the initial plans were made for the first conference on September 22-23, 1978 in Norfolk.  Since that time other conferences were held by the original statewide chapters in Fredericksburg, Danville, Hampton and Richmond.
It was determined after the continued success of annual conferences that the chapters should incorporate into a statewide organization for a greater impact as a collective body on political, economic and service delivery systems.
Since the incorporation of the original five chapters, chapters in Lynchburg, South Boston, Rocky Mount and Northern VA have been added and conferences have been held by Lynchburg and Rocky Mount.

Mission Statement

To educate the public, implement service programs, encourage support for research and empower persons who live with Sickle Cell Disease and advocate on their behalf.


The purpose of this organization is to provide leadership with health professionals and the general public to develop a health policy and plan of action regarding the impact of Sickle Cell Disease.

“Striving to improve the quality of life.”


  • Organize, sponsor and participate in statewide educational conferences to be hosted by rotating among member chapters.
  • Develop and promote the implementation of service programs’ standards that will be in the best interest of the affected population.
  • Develop positions and promote favorable resolution of issues and activities that could have an adverse effect on sickle cell programs or the affected population.
  • Develop and distribute educational materials, written and visual, about the sickle cell problem for all segments of our society.
  • Assist in the organization and development of other chapters in the state.
  • Provide on-going technical assistance to active member chapters and other interested groups and organizations.
  • Encourage adequate support for research activities leading to improving treatment and eventual cure.
  • Encourage patients to share experiences about what works for each individual in terms of diet, medication, pain management, pain partners, stress management and the psycho-social aspects of having Sickle Cell Disease to gain feelings of empowerment and to dispel the Sickle Cell Myths.